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the most important thing is to believe in yourself and also aliens

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Anonymous: do you ship tenrose???


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This season has just been stellar all around. Best since Tennant’s first season as the Doctor. I loved Matt Smith but the writing was just shit for the better part of 3 seasons

yEAAAAAH, (season 6 is the worst for me i’m sorry) this season has the BEST writting on the show, every fucking episode this season was AMAZINGGGG

anditslove: I've watched Gone Girl twice and I read the book every chance I get. Anytime someone asks what to read or watch I tell them GG and then do into a whole speech to sell it to them. See what you did SEE???? Can't wait til I finish the book

GREEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT, i’m EXACTLY like that, i make a speech even to my parents to go watch, I’M ALMOST FINISHING THE BOOK TOO (might take a while coz my school tests are gonna start this week) 

the new episode of doctor who was FUCKING AMAZING, i was actually scared of the monster

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